Sometimes we get an idea and we just have to make it. Many of the pieces you’ll find here are one of a kind pieces and that took hours, days, or even weeks to perfect and create. These items rarely make it into the store as sales items but will often be posted as a demonstration piece as an example of special order item. 

Example 1 

Coin motorcycle

This coin creation took over 18 hours to make and is composed of 13 coins. 

 Example 2

Wedding bells

Many items are specific requests from customers who want something unique and memorable. These wedding bells were requested to show the union of 2 families. They have two connected bells featuring the birth years of each family member as well as the marriage year on the connecting coin.

Some pieces are just concepts that I work on whenever I get some free time. This next piece, for example, took about 6 hours to make

Coin grenade pill holder

This is a cool little piece that has a hinged top so it can be used as a pill holder.