About Us

Hello, my name is Shawn Hall. I am the owner, and crafter here at Halls Customs. I also handle design, merchandising, advertising, and shipping. As a matter of fact, I handle everything out of my one room workshop.

I've been interested in coin collecting since about age 10 or 11. I found that when coins didn't meet certain collectors standards, the were usually thrown in a box or sold for metal content. Around age 19 I started looking for ways to make these little bits of history be appreciated and stumbled upon coin jewelry while browsing at a craft fair. It was intriguing how the original designs were beautifully preserved and decided to do more research . Little by little I gathered the basic tools necessary to make a few rough rings which I could sell at flea markets and was eventually able to use this skill to offset the costs involved as well as help pay a few bills. I'm now 26 and spend most of my time in the shop and I love every minute of it.